Slideshow 1: We were all taught to write using the same basic methods. Slideshow 2: So why do you no longer write the way you were taught as a child? Slideshow 3: Handwriting is like DNA. No two people's are the same. Slideshow 4: Something very close to the centre of your nature affects how you write. Slideshow 5: And by analysing your handwriting insights into your nature can be gained. Slideshow 6: John Beck Graphology. Expert handwriting analysis for businesses and individuals.

Handwriting Analysis

Have you ever stopped to think how useful handwriting analysis can be for you?

This science is now nearly 120 years old, and a great deal has been learned about the significance of what appears in our writing, being far more than existed in the late 20th century. It is now a most sophisticated study, which is increasingly used by Companies and individuals alike as an aid to understanding people.

Why does your writing look so different from the writing you were taught as a child?

Why does handwriting have something in common with human DNA? Every person's handwriting on the planet is different to anyone elses, in the same manner as our DNA profile.

Imagine, you are in your office but you have to leave for a moment whilst waiting for that important call. Whilst away from your desk, your colleague takes a message that your call arrived, and leaves the handwritten note for you, asking you to call back.

Why, before you read the note, do you know immediately which of your colleagues took the phone message by looking at the handwriting on the note?

You are in this sense a graphologist yourself... You recognize personal characteristics in writing: you usually know instantly who wrote the message for you.

Handwriting analysis goes one step further... It has long been known that you no longer write as you did when you were young, and that as an adult you produce your own style which is instantly recognizable. You do NOT write as you were once taught, and neither does anyone else on planet Earth.

Why should this be? Why does no-one ask this important question?

The differences in how your writing appears from the time when were taught as a child, and what you now produce as an adult have something powerful to say about your own personal psychology, which influence the look of your writing.

They are known as variations from the norm. These variations, which may be enormous in number, are linked directly to your pattern of psychology: a graphologist is one who knows how to interpret what these variations mean in everyday terms, and the results, when performed by an accredited expert, can be astonishing in their accuracy.

A full report using many different graphological methods can offer insights into human character and personality that frequently shock and astonish people with their deep personal insights.

Image showing anonymous handwriting sample from a female, aged 27.

Female writer, aged 27. Applicant for internship in leading company.

Image showing anonymous handwriting sample from a female, aged 52.

Female writer, aged 52. Application for senior job in accountancy.

Image showing anonymous handwriting sample from a male.

Male, aged 32. Application for senior sales position.