Personal Handwriting Analysis Services

Photo showing a someone about to write.

The Search for Self-Knowledge

Graphology can provide amazing insights into our individual natures, and into what makes us tick. It can inform us of not only what we know of our conscious motivations, but also of our unconscious motivations.

Graphology can be used when people feel it is time to find a new start, frequently at the mid-point of life when the task of bringing up the children has ended, and a new reason for living is being sought after.

Graphology is very good in showing up where our individual strengths and weaknesses lie: most of us are wholly unaware of where our strengths lie, and we only tend to hear of them from friends across the years - advice we frequently take little notice of. This type of analysis not only identifies where our strengths lie, but also how we can be best able to direct them. So too it can highlight where we ought not to direct our efforts, where perhaps our suitability may be lacking. The advice given can be quite unexpected, and offer clues about ourselves that we are often only vaguely aware of.

It is a very good tool indeed in the search for self-knowledge, and frequently produces results which are greatly unexpected, and in rare instances, life changing.

Private Problem Analysis

Graphology can also help when we are confronted with a major problem in our lives: again it can offer advice as to best tackle a problem by harnessing our strengths, which as stated above, are often largely unknown by most people. Furthermore it can offer insights into the writer's nature which may offer clues as to how a problem might best be approached.

Advice on Career Path

An in-depth analysis can often help the writer by highlighting aptitudes which the writer may know about, or more often, those he or she is unaware of. The information gained in this way can contribute towards formulating ideas of Career paths, based upon using known personality strengths.

This advice need not be solely for those just embarking upon a career, but for those who in later life realise that a career change is called for in one way or another.